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How Does Dr. Hooper Use Scleral Lenses to Help With Keratoconus?

Scleral lenses are a type of contact lens that are often used to treat vision problems in people with keratoconus. These lenses are larger than regular contact lenses and are designed to rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye, rather than on the cornea.

One of the main benefits of scleral lenses for people with keratoconus is that they provide a smooth, uniform surface over the irregularly shaped cornea. This can help improve vision by allowing light to be focused more accurately on the retina, resulting in clearer vision.

In addition, scleral lenses can provide a protective barrier between the irregular cornea and the outside environment, helping to prevent irritation and discomfort. This can be especially beneficial for people with keratoconus who may experience discomfort with regular contact lenses or glasses.

Scleral lenses can also be used to treat other vision problems that may be associated with keratoconus, such as dry eye syndrome and astigmatism. And because scleral lenses are custom-made to fit the individual's eyes, they can provide a comfortable and effective solution for people with keratoconus who may have difficulty finding regular contact lenses that fit well.

Overall, scleral lenses can be a useful treatment option for people with keratoconus.


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