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Why Do I Love Orthokeratology and CRT Therapy?

I am a wearer of Orthokeratology lenses myself.  I started doing corneal reshaping in 2012 in Optometry school. Ever since, I have had clear vision in both the daytime and nighttime without the hassle of contacts during the day. Though rare, I've always been concerned about the risks associated with LASIK since there are no second chances with our eyes. No more daytime dryness with lenses, torn or ripped contacts, or broken eyeglass frames. Playing basketball, applying makeup, swimming... none of these are an issue when using Orthokeratology.

If your contact lens prescription says -3.00 D and under, chances are you're a shoe in for Orthokeratology. Orthokeratology is not for all prescriptions, so make sure you ask during your appointment if it interests you!


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