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Dr. Hooper Joins Team IBB for Part 3 of His Idea of Success

Team IBB Pt 2

Dr. Hooper joins Team IBB once again to give part 3 on his view of success in the workplace, relationships, and beyond.

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[Music]welcome back to dr. right Hooper's hashtag IBB top three keys of success and we put a little twist because it's dr. H's top three H's to awesomeness that's what it's bad man this has been really good so if you missed the first two go back and watch them and we're really excited to bring on home with the Third Age so dr. Hooper without further ado my friend take it away so the first video we talked about a holistic approach to success or a bird's-eye view kinda taking everything in second video we talked about homeostasis or just really life balance and how that equates success and in the third video I hope to talk about just really finding happiness and Happiness creating this success you know when we talked about a holistic approach you can define it to success in so many different ways for to me success is happiness like very ultimately trying to get you know when we think of financial success I mean we want to feel happy with uncomfortable yeah so it's really where we're trying to get and for me if I'm not happy if I don't come to work every day as an optometrist and present a version of me that's that's happy because that's where I want to be how can i how can I effectively treat patients and make their because I want them to steal a little bit of peace of happiness for me all the time that they spend with me that can be the best part of their day coming I mean like so truth be told like the both of us what we do a lot of people it's not on there it's not like a top top ranking thing of like when you want to have fun what do you do well I go talk about these things where I go I go get my eyes checked and I have that little poof thing that goes you know like I said you know it's archaic okay sorry sorry and once I provided vodka at West side preventive we don't do the proof all right but sorry we're welcoming technologies all right very good and so I'm excited to go go to your new place and I bet the proof got a little derailed there but you know it just you can make things that traditionally aren't fun right fun doing it when you actually are happy to be there and actually happy to be having those conversations and two before when you're talking about people can experience certain experiencing blindness because they're so stressed because and I've been there where it is you know I'm success success success success you know like just accomplished accomplished accomplished achieve achieve achieve and you arrive at whatyou thought was gonna make you happy without like without that holistic approach I'm a man like I justcompliment tomorrow yeah dude tomorrowit's not going to mean anything and alsoit didn't fulfill you know I would saylike the this is and the VATS mmmoh we always feel like that this isgonna you know that this of life isgoing to make me happy right foreverright that is gonna make me happyforever but this is and the VATS onlymake us happy for that moment like youknow for now there's a big differencewhen that forever happy and the for nowhappy so they in Tulathank you for addressing this because II feel like I talked about it a lot butI I feel like our culture kind of sweepsit on the rug they let happiness that'scheesy that's for the lazy peoplehappiness is for lazy people who don'twant to work who don't want you knowlike who make excuses so can you talkabout some ways that amidst all the thepressures and the intensity ofeverything you do all you know all dayevery day and balancing everything likehow do you maintain that happiness orthere's certain things that help youstay enthusiastic and passionate sure soI think that I think that if you canfind something that you are passionateabout if you can be passionate if youcan be enthusiastic about what you'redoing if you can be yourself and not tryto wear the hat where the unhappinessokay I mean if you're if you're notbeing who you are every day and ifyou're a good person I think successwill follow you naturally and that's ofcourse you know we got to address theage that we that we didn't includebecause I think it's kind of implied ashard work you know nothing makes upnothing will make up for hard work yeahbut hard work with balance equates thehappiness for me and and I think thatwhat you were talking about is like youknow the stepwise when I was goingthrough I talked a little bit aboutgoing through school and I always feltlike I climbed a mountain and then therewas one right yeah like what be puttingmore mountains on top of these mountainsyeah not be immortalized by that yeahkeep going and to maintain a positiveoutlookyou have to initiate the fact thatyou're successful already by climbingthat mountain so the next one it's notthat big of a deal yeah see and you gotto enjoy the journeyI think that's if there's one thing thatI feel like I really learned too late itwas that you had to enjoy the journey ofschool optometry school I mean it wasyou know it was difficult you know yeahthree tests a week like mm-hmmit was very stressful I didn't enjoy thejourney necessarily the whole time yeahand I think if you can get yourself to aplace where you're happy with who youare and if you're passionateenthusiastic about what you're doing yougot to be comfortable knowing that it'lljust follow success will just follow youbut the heart yeah the hard work so Iand I'd be interested to get yourfeedback on this too is first I'll justkind of a comment on your time I climbin the mountains all we're thinkingabout is getting to the top right andthere's like this once-in-a-lifetimelike moment halfway up the mountain andyou just instead of looking at itappreciating it loving it you're justlike no time you gotta you know gottaget to the top yeah so like I likeso thank you for that because that'ssomething that I'm gonna like just kindof soak up more of those momentsthroughout the climb but the soak themup we've beentalking a lot about the hard work andlike happiness gets roped into like I'mgoing to keep roping it back into likewell they're just late they want to behappy then you know and sit on yourcouch all day and watch TV you know liketo me the happiness because I had towork so hard that is how I'm actuallyable to actually be happy that gets if Ididn't do all the hard work and didn'tsuffer through all this stuff let meit's like if you don't have to sufferthrough three tests a week there's noway that you could truly be happyachieving your doctorate because then itwouldn't I don't like do you feel thatwithout hard work you can't havehappiness because like whatever youachieve there's there's it's Hollowthere's nothing to it yeah I think itdepends on you and what yeah what you'rewearing I think if you know I think thatsuccess will follow you and I think youwill be successful at what you're doingif you're a good person if you'repassionate if you're enthusiastic aboutwhat you're doing but how can you reallydo that stuff without hard work I thinkit's I think it's got to be somethingthat's there like we were talking aboutlike relationships and family and allthose things require work to them so Ithink you're a lot happier when you knowthat you've put that out for a day yepand at the end of the day you're notlooking back and saying well if I onlywould have done this if I only want towork a little harder here you kind ofdon't have to question yourself it'sable you're able to look at that testscore and say well it was a B I couldhave got an A but I worked as hard as Icould get so yeah you know left it allout there yeah right yeah and I think Ithink that it definitely allows you tomove on from something like that a lotquicker and maintain that happiness notbeat yourself up over I like it I likeitawesome well anything else to add Idon't think so come see us we don't dothe air puff here at Westside preventiveI careJune lows they had a bad experience ofthat I like this thing Wow what the hellyeah and that's supposed to be our claimto fame and I'm like good we inventedthe thing that we've been a good thingthat people don't want to come see thispoor guy comes to my side preventive Icare in October Ohio for right so I willsee you there I look better no puffsI'll see you there thank you for joiningus this has been an absolute pleasure myman learned a lot and if you missed thefirst two go back and watch them andeverything you do just get after it workhard like like the doctor says anddriving prescribe word I'm gonnaprescribe you some hard work get to italright so awesome yeah until next timestay bare improve