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Dr. Hooper Sits Down With Team IBB To Define Success – Part 2

Team IBB Pt 2

Dr. Hooper joins Team IBB once again to give part 2 on his view of success in the workplace, relationships, and beyond.

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welcome back we are here for part two of
the hashtag IBB top three trilogy with
the one and only dr. H and he's sharing
with us his top three H's to success go
back and watch part 1 if you missed it
and I'm really excited to get into the
second page to success so what
don't hold back what is it so the second
H we'll be talking about today is
homeostasis well fancy mansions
homeostasis is that science those are
like doctor words so I think you know if
you've taken a like a college-level
biology course that I was talking about
homeostasis which apparently I'm Mrs.
which is a biological term but also just
the concept that's been around forever
like when we talk about yin and yang
we're talking about the balance right homeostasis is a literal biological term for the balance of your body chemistry so I think homeostasis and success is important really balancing your life I found very quickly an optometry school that if I just worked myself to the core there was no room for you know we talked about mental health these days everybody mental health is everybody like everybody you got to maintain your own positive attitude and if you burn yourself out on what you're doing how can you possibly provide for my case patient care effectively if I'm worn out from from working myself yeah if you're not taking care of yourself how can you take care of others exactly it's and I've heard that it's in it would you agree that it's easier said than done yeah for sure you know because like I talked about in the last video like the H that's going on explained is or unsaid rather is hard work like you can't replace hard work that's got to be on your plate if you want to be successful I think and that goes for everything kind of a holistic approach talking about relationships take work family you know everything yeah everything takes work so yeah whether it's just business or whatever you know but you got to maintain a balance alongside that hard work because do you feel like for its time' it's like when you say like the the homeostasis when you put it in like a yin and yang like for me I was like oh this is cool like this is like the legit you know scientific way to explain that so thank you for that thank you doctor no but the for me like I just and I almost did init that's where I let the work side just run my life and I understood and you understand and for those of you watching this that have obtained success in in the work life and the work side of life so to speak you have to make a lot of sacrifices in your personal life but I've for me it was like I through it wasn't I didn't even try to balance it like I through like I have my health like I was just like gaining weight quit exercise like just like I literally threw away everything besides work yeah if that makes sense and then getting married you know I was same deal I warlike well I'm thereat boggles my mind that your marriage or your relationships outside of work like you put some it's not called work so to speak you know but it just we just expect it to all work out yeah like you're working so hard at work and you're like well if I don't work so hard then it then it won't work out and then you go home or you go you know you go to your personal life and you're like why isn't this working out because that you know you're on cruise control so yeah just it I think that this is a big gut check for me is having homeostasis and all times were working hard at work but not to the point where I don't have anything left in me to bring home and for the family so because that yeah but we throws many great relationships and we throwaway so many personal things we built just because it we just right it's like you can't just it's not off an onion you're always on like is there so is there anything I'm sorry I'm like going on right here because that is success rate it's like maintaining all those things yeah that'swhy the first age we talked about was aholistic approach yeah all those thingsare kind of encompassed in that and you you are you are an entire person andthat entire person has to be successfulso you need to leave enough in the tankthat you can like spread those resources we're all human yeah and some that youyou've talked about is like and and I'veheard it depends on you know who youlisten to who you talk to but somepeople that wall I go to work I put onmy business head and I go home I put onmy dad had my husband hat or whateveryou know something you say like if youhave true homeostasis and you have aholistic approach to thing you talkabout you don't really need to wear ahat that so for me like again anotherthing with steel but like can you talkmore about just be I said you like beyou not don't just be wearing whateverhats all the time yeah because when Ithink about when I think about peoplewearing hats do you know they say oh youneed to put on your business hat andthink about this this way I I don't knowthat that's who I am I think putting ona hat is me trying to transform myselfinto into something else that I'm not Iwant I want my business to reflect me asa person yeah and I think that you knowwe can strive to improve in differentareas you know when I put on my doctorhat every day I don't necessarily putthat on it's something I carry with meall the time you can leave your home Ithink I think that you know we wearthose hats all the time and you justneed to be yourself and as long asyou're you know we'll talk about in thein the third video like if you'repositive if you maintain a good attitudeand and if you're passionate about whatyou do those hats you're wearing one hatand it's yourselfyeah and that's and it's the you hat andthat's the only one you need to wearwear your hat wear your hatthat's that is uh that's awesome andthat's that I think that that issomething that obviously worth with IBBwas that was the game-changer for me wasthat that was the moment it was Jamesversus and I'd be interested to get yourfeedback on this dish and share withanybody out there that because I feellike you get you know like yourcertifications like you're like youactually got your doctorate you know butlike you kind of I felt like I had Icouldn't be James anymore because Jameswas not the expert and James was just acollege kid and James ran you know likejust James just was a lead singer likelead singer in a band like I I did allthis stuff but it had nothingspecifically to do with what I was doingon a day to day basis yeah so I feltlike I had it like well if I talk aboutwho James was that nobody will respectwho James is now that makes sense sowhich it kind of mean it had theopposite effect for like is thatsomething that you've that you've had tobattle through as well as like well I'ma doctor but hey by the way I'm alsoalso me I'm also me and now I guess howdo you not lose yourself in the processof like climbing this professionalfunnel you're just like you're gettingpushed into this professional funnelwhere you don't feel like you can justact normal anymore yeah I mean the theprocess or the or the thought process ofmaintaining homeostasis is really whatgot me through a lot of those things andjust you know I am I'm a millennial yeah[Laughter]yeah but I have embraced it now and youknow when I when I when I think abouthow I want to run my practice or when Ithink about how I want to treat myemployees like that's just that's justwho I am and you know I don't thinkthere's anything wrong with that withoutyou know kind of taking a holistic viewof my my workforce like you knowthey have lives outside of thereforethey're not just again going back toyou're not a transactional person rightthat is not your style your style is nottransactional it is it is it is way moreand that's cool man and I tried to puton my hat and force that yeah when I'mnot my transact yeah just I'm gonna be afraud yeah I think success is justfinding you being comfortable with youand maintaining you throughout the wholeprocess that's because that's where -like I would want to come work for RyanHooper and then if I showed up to yourlocation in Rocky River and I'm like ohhey what's going on man how are you andyou're like you're like whoa time outI'm now wearing my past-due body whoathree minutes later fired I got myemployer hat on you're in trouble wegonna need to talk to HR yeah and then Iput on my HR head be like you're firedand if that's you I mean yeah it's gonnareflect you that's fine but you knowI've you know I've tried to maintainmyself throughout this whole process andsink-or-swim I'm gonna be me and I thinkthat's I think that's a measure ofsuccess as well yeah I like itawesome awesome well very cool wellthank you for that I'm looking forwardto your final piece and your bonus tipvideo as well and thank you all forbeing here and until next time stay burnproof


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