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Dr. Hooper Sits Down With Team IBB to Define Success

Team IBB Pt 1 Compressed

Dr. Hooper sits down with James Schleicher to discuss his views on success! View the full video by clicking the link above!

Auto-Generated Transcript

what's going on everybody we are here
with dr. Ryan Hooper aka dr. H and he's
here to share with us his hashtag IBB
top three keys to success and actually
got a little little dr. H twist it's
gonna be dr. H's three ages to success
so I am I'm super excited and so without
further ado my friend
take it away what's what's the first age
to success so I think the first age to
success is in a holistic approach to
success you know a holistic approach
means that you're taking everything from
kind of all angles and I think that
success can be defined in a lot of
different ways so when somebody comes in
to me as an optometrist and they
complain about like vision loss in one
eye one of the questions I'll ask them
that most people probably don't think
about is have you been stressed because
stress can actually cause blindness in a
nice ear yeah yeah typically in
gentlemen like us who are you know 30
and you know type A personality so see
that's crazy to do most times so someone
like has a more holistic approach to
their life and more holistic approach to
success and kind of pumps the brakes on
the whole stress levels is it common for
the vision to come back or is it like
permanent ya know typically it'll come
back okay I'm like tonight I see like
okay so kind of defining success in
relationships and your business with
your family kind of taking a bird's-eye
view of what six I should look like and
kind of mapping it in different
directions so really taking everything
into account so you're you're looking at
the whole picture the holistic picture
versus just work just home or just
school or just okay exactly all right I
like that Thanks I like that
so so is there so for example what are
some things that you do or that you've
seen work well with people to have the
more holistic approach to success yeah
so I think given that we successes in so
many different areas it's hard to manage
each area on your own so relationships
obviously was a two-way street
yeah so you try to surround yourself
with good people that are also trying to
be successful in different ways so you
know I think we automatically think of
or maybe I automatically think of
financial success first when we talk
about success but there's so many other
ways yes so I think it's important to
surround yourself with people that care
about the whole you and not just one
cast yes okay okay so when we first
started discussing finances one thing I
appreciate about you as you looked at my
whole my whole me when talking about
finances and all that you know I aspired
to open my own practice and and mm-hmm
which you are right yes yes we're at
rocky river rocky river and we're
looking to open in December awesome
but that we could give to go different
avenues that that take an account my
whole life as opposed to just one narrow
aspect of it and the future for
retirement I'm kind of looking at okay
you want to do this this and this and
that yeah I appreciate about you well
and I feel like that for me it's more I
don't I think that's more fun like when
you're so like for example you're gonna
what someone comes you you're gonna help
them I mean but it's more fun when
you're able to kind of dissect more like
hey this is that a lot of people in our
industries it's more of a transactional
sure relationships you come in what's
wrong okay here do this or you know like
there's no real like there's no actual
substance to the conversation I think
that and you know and I'm his client as
well so I've gone I've seen you and you
know so that's where luckily I wasn't
blind from stress but you know but those
are those are like I feel like those are
the things that will always set
the I'm kind of getting into like
superhero motors like the good guys
versus the bad guys are the good gals
risk the bad gals but like the people
you want helping you achieve your
success in helping you define your so
those are the people that are actually
going to say well press pause yeah I can
help you with this but what if you do if
your goal is actually that then I need
to take you know like Pete I feel like
you have the guts to take a step back
and say hey I'm gonna help you but I'm
not the right person right now you know
let's get back a year from now or let's
have this let's pick this up you know in
a year or two whatever but I think
that's I that's been super fun for me as
you've been opening up your practice you
know hopefully here I mean we've been
having these conversations when you were
still in Texas so yeah before you moved
to Texas while you're in Texas and if
you want to know all about you know
opening your own practice and and having
to jump through every hoop imaginable
jumping through hoops by dr. Cooper so
there we go we do that plan man but that
but definitely I think that to me that's
been the coolest part is here we are and
to something you were talking about
earlier is like you always had this
mentality of okay all I got to do is I
guess got a knockout this test when you
went you went to Perry high school not
Union for undergrad and then Chicago
okay and just but it was just kind of
like yeah you would accomplish something
and but you'd be like what's next yeah I
think that's kind of when we talk about
success it's always changing and it's
always defined by you so so in my mind
I'm always successful because I've
already conquered things and and the way
you look at it like like how you're
talking like it was it was you know
graduate from high school graduate from
undergrad graduate from optometry school
you're your targets always moving and
eventually for me you know the ultimate
goal is to open a practice but stepwise
success changes along the way and I
think with a positive mentality of I'm
already successful I've already
accomplished things is one of the keys
to be six
and really taking that holistic approach
so and I think I've heard it before when
people say well you need to define your
success and you need to surround
yourself with good people but I think
that for me that's something if you're
okay with that I'm gonna completely
steal from you is just waking up every
day saying I'm successful yeah things
are game already successful so you know
even if I fail what I've achieved most
people have never even had I'm saying if
I lose I'm losing something that most
people will never ever never had or
never had the guts to work towards so I
think that's that's cool man thanks I'm
successful you're successful we're sick
dude this is cool love it but you've
worked your tail off between your
success benchmarks right sure and none
of this really covers up hard work right
like success doesn't just fall into your
lap hard work I was gonna put as an H
but it's like I feel like that's
something you gotta know going into it
like getting successful you got to work
hard and and if you follow my three-step
H plan it'll follow you but you can't
you can't replace hard work very good
awesome thank you thank you so anything
else to add
we're opening sometime in December okay
you reverse Westside preventive I care
Westside preventative I care and you
know focus we're really emphasizing the
preventative part okay I feel like when
you go to your dentist you already know
what to expect as far as prevention I
think we as optometrist have kind of
failed on that so I hope to provide that
service for everybody that perhaps
people have been burned and you're okay
and you're gonna help prevent that I
like it stay improve baby so awesome
well until next time make sure you check
out the following videos and then also
we have a bonus video that you're going
to more share your expertise in the
optometry field and going a little more
that so I'm very excited so until next
time stay burn proof!


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